Welcome one and all, to the latest and soon-to-be greatest

Experiential Social Community of Tequila consumers, producers and servers!!

Thank you for joining us on this adventure!

It is our intention, to give every consumer an opportunity to learn more about Tequila and share their opinion/voice about the hundreds of Tequilas currently available to the world from Mexico. You will be able to see the expert’s opinions as well as those of the “rabble”, you and I, the folks at the restaurants and bars. We intend on building the largest realtime database of consumer opinion in all of the world and we need you to participate in this process every chance you get. Whether you are sitting at a restaurant or bar or even shopping at a store, we need your input. So, you will be asked to register for this input to be tracked, measured and shared. Our promise to you is that your individual personal data will not be shared with anyone without your permission. What do you get in return for your registration and participation…

  1. When looking at a Tequila menu or shelves of bottles in a bar or store you will be able to access a realtime database of Consumer ratings as well as Professional ratings.
  2. A realtime database of “Tequilarias” to choose from whether you are home or traveling
  3. A realtime list of Events and Tastings from around the country to learn more about the different Tequilas available
  4. A realtime list of “educated” stores that cater to our specific needs whether local or online
  5. A forum to ask questions and share your thoughts about Tequila and the places that sell and serve Tequila
  6. Automated notifications, should you choose them, about any new additions to our lists and calender or News updates!!