Espolon continues to satisify…

Last week while working in Tomah, WI I had dinner at the Bog (actually in Warren, WI) and tasted for the first time the Anejo from Espolon. It was great and cheap, too cheap I think! I recommend this bottle for anyone’s collection, large or small!! Not preferring to buy a bottle in WI and then carry it home, I called the closest store to my home only to find they don’t carry it!?!? So I went to Espolon Tequila’s website to find out where i can buy it and did not find the anejo displayed there nor on their parent company’s website (Campari), nor their Facebook page…sadly nothing about the Anejo?? What’s up with that?!?!?

So, go ask for it! I promise you will not be disappointed, especially as the $30/bottle price point!! If there is something comparable in that price range, please share it with us!
Happy Sipping!!