Mission Statement

To become the “Go To” Tequila Site, to educate consumers and grow a database of your opinions from this experiential social community, all around the finer Tequila’s that are currently available and yet not known by many. In this community we intend to bring together, you the consumer, with the events, stores, bars and restaurants that serve or sell the finer Tequilas of Mexico. This will be a collaboration between and within the entire industry and will include the distillers, distributors, servers and consumers. This site will offer information about the many different Tequilas and the many different venues to taste/sample or purchase Tequila.

As we continue to grow, you will see some some ads and we assure you they will not affect the opinions shared. The ads only serve to keep the costs down so we don’t have to charge any more for this site.

We will be helping promote this site and mobile app by hosting, promoting and sponsoring tastings, local events and collaborating with the many special national events that occur across the country, in Mexico and around the globe as well.


How this got started…

In the fall of 2010, I went to the Yucatán Peninsula for a vacation with my wife. During the trip, we went to the many ancient ruins in the area. (Definitely recommend for everyone! And, we felt very safe and well looked after in this area of Mexico!) Along our adventure we began to sample many different tequilas that I had not tasted before nor even seen before?!?! To my delight I found that are Tequilas can be sipped, not just done as shots or drank as margaritas!?!? Upon my return to my home in Atlanta, I began investigating the availability of the finer tequilas that I had tasted in Mexico. Fortunately my day job takes me to many different parts of North America and I have found in my travels, that certain Tequilas are not available in all areas of the country??!!
So with the newly found enjoyment of “Sipping” Tequilas, a passion was born with a desire to share with others the many different brands and flavors. I have created this site to begin knitting together a community of folks that enjoy tequila and want to share their experiences and thoughts with others.

It is my intention, that each person can find, through education and sampling, what they enjoy and like in a Tequila. Each person’s opinion is just that, their opinion; what you like and what I like may be different and what an “Expert” says may assist us, but it is your taste buds and your smell among other attributes that determine if you like or prefer this particular Tequila or that one. Once your preference in known to you, you take the list of stores to locate that particular bottle whether you are home or traveling.

Since that trip last year (2010) I have found and sampled many different tequilas in my travels and I definitely have my opinion of what I think is a good Tequila. I will share with you my opinions from time to time as frequently as possible. It is my sincere desire that through this website, linked with the mobile app, that everyone can share their opinion of specific tequilas and the places that sell or serve those tequilas.

Stay tuned…lots more to come!!