Welcome Back…

Welcome back, for the last 3 years I have been letting the Taste of Tequila languish, to be honest. I took time to rebuild my consulting business (www.BetterResults.info) from a significant hiatus to invest in the Real Estate Market. Well I am back…Consulting is running great and the Real Estate market has stabilized. Now it is time for more passion and fun and sharing of my love of Tequila.

Over these past years, in my opinion, little has really changed in the market…other many new brands, new celebrities and some new tequilarias. And then just yesterday, I saw the first commercial that promotes tequila (alright one brand) in its natural form, without the fancy concoctions, salt or lime!! Just neat and for sipping! Finally progress is being made.

It is time for more sharing and educating, so stay tuned as we crank up this website and the mobile app.

Happy Sipping!!