Who Determines if a Tequila is Good or Not?

I just got off the phone with Kelly Cash of TequilaNeat and among other things we were discussing how to define what a “good” Tequila is. What we concluded is everyone has their own opinion of what they like and then there are those professional folks that can tell you if it is a good quality Tequila.

There are 2 perspectives to understand, was the tequila technically a “Good” Tequila being made from ripe agave, then produced using authentic distillation processes and authentic aging process and effective bottling processes. These factors lead to a good tequila, yet that very High Quality tequila may not be liked by everyone that samples it.

The second factor is, and the most important to me the consumer, do I like it? This is your opinion of the tequila. You are not right and them wrong or visa versus…it is just your opinion and their opinion! That is why there are over 1,700 different tequilas, enough to satisfy anybody’s preferred taste profile.

Most important is to explore and sample different brands and agings and make up your own mind! And remember, our taste buds are effected by the food we ate that day, how tired we are, what we are drinking or eating with the tequila at that moment. I find my favorite tequila one night will not be the same favorite another night. That’s my 2 cents worth or 1 ounce worth of thought for the day.
Happy Sipping!!